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2021 Wedding Film Information

Wedding Film - $3250 USD

-Film of entire day start to finish (We don't do hourly rates, we start when you want us to and end when we've captured everything)

-60-90 second preview of day (See First Example Above) 

-One 5-8 minute final film of your day that includes full wedding vows and any other audio from your day such as letter readings or any other events (See Second Example Above)  

-We would also like to film a mini session with you just after your rehearsal dinner or at a pre-arranged time before the wedding to grab some extra footage with you and the bridal party to include in your film. 

*includes all raw footage of the day on hard drive which is mailed to you. The footage is shot in a future proof way that can can be edited and reworked to re-share your wedding story in the future! 

This package has ample time to include full wedding vows, select bridal party speeches, letter reading, or any thing else in the day. This film will include all the audio from the parts of the day that matter most! You will have the full ceremony and wedding speeches available as well in the raw footage!


In summary we give you every second of footage shot from our time with you along with the ceremony and wedding speeches in their entirety. You will also have a 60-90 second preview along with a 5-8 minute final film.