2020 By Michael Gene Wilson 

Wedding Film F.A.Q

This story is about You! Your love, Your Family, Your Friends, Your Life.
You only get one chance to have it filmed! Here is what matters most! 
What matters when it comes to wedding film?


We've been telling wedding stories since 2012. During that time we've shared over 100 unique stories. We want to take our experience to share yours! Wedding film is unique as timing is limited, schedules are shared with photographers and other vendors, moments only happen once, and having a great time along the way without feeling rushed to fit everything in is essential to Your wedding! Making all of this happen takes extreme effort and lots of practice! It matters who you hire to tell your story! 

Gear | Doesn't Matter (Story is Everything)

While our team is always on the cutting edge of what's new we realize that having gear doesn't make us better by itself! Using the gear we have does however! So many videographers promote gear and having extra shooters which increase cost for You! None of this matters! In the end... experience with gear and filming weddings trumps all! To appease Your mind we use over 10 different camera's, drones, time-lapse machines, and countless lenses to capture your story! We pride ourselves on expertise using the gear however and never promote our gear to encourage You to book with us and charge extra for more shooters during the day or higher resolution video.

Why is Wedding Film so expensive! 

In short, Video equipment is expensive and finding talented people with expertise to operate it costs! In fact... it costs way more than photography! This is why movies have multi million dollar budgets! We never charge You to use our gear however! Our cost comes from hiring talent to use the gear to tell Your story! I only hire the most talented hard working videographers for Your day as we have high expectations for Your wedding film! Editing also takes substantial more amounts of time then slapping some color on photos. Organizing Your footage, Adding music, sound, color, and sequencing your clips to tell your story is a 30 hour process by itself! Every clip is hand picked by me and specifically colored to perfection to enhance Your story! 

Why do you only offer one film package?

We believe in simple! Videographers and photographers alike have multi packages with hourly rates, extra shooter fees, and various up charges to get You to spend more money! Packages start lower but by the time You add on everything you want packages get confusing and pricey! We only do simple and up-front! We never charge for extra shooters, hourly rates, or requesting the footage from your day! Our main interest is telling Your story INSANELY WELL without confusing You in the process! We also want our films to have a similar look throughout! When videographers offer different packages its hard for clients to have a great idea of what the final film will look like! 

More Questions? 

We want to chat with You and help you pick the correct film maker for Your wedding even if it isn't us!

Your story is everything!